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Textbook Resources: Welcome

A Guide to locating and buying course textbooks on the Marion Campus


Textbook Info

Textbooks are required for nearly every class you attend in college and costs can add up.

This guide is intended to help you understand various options for obtaining textbooks used in courses at The Ohio State University Marion and Marion Technical College.


We have listed only a few options available to students in this guide.

Please contact the library if you have problems with this guide.


Note: This information is supplied as a service only. The Marion Campus Library, The Ohio State University at Marion and Marion Technical College do not endorse any vendor or accept responsibility for buying/selling textbooks online or otherwise.

Campus Bookstore

Campus Bookstore

The Marion Campus Bookstore is the first place to start when looking for textbooks for your courses.

The bookstore, which is operated by Barnes & Noble, is located in the Alber Student Center on the Marion Campus and carries all the textbooks that are required for Marion Campus classes.

The bookstore offers a variety of different ways to get textbooks. You can buy new, used and digital textbooks. It is also now possible to rent textbooks each semester,

The bookstore website enables you to search and find what books are needed for courses.


For more information visit:



Buying is a good option if you like to keep textbooks or like to have a physical item with which to study.

  • New books have never been used and are in pristine condition. They tend to cost the most.
  • Used is a cheaper alternative, and the condition can vary. Previous owners may have written or highlighted in them. The covers may show some wear, but most will be in good to very good condition.


The Marion Campus Bookstore is the best place to start and if you are using the bookstore website, it offers NEW and USED choices for many textbooks.

Check the Online Options tab in this guide for additional sites.




Renting a textbook for the semester may be a good option if you don't want to keep textbooks but still want a cheaper option.

Often a credit card is required to rent a title. The number is kept on file and if the book is not returned by a specified date (usually at the end of the semester), your card will be charged as if you bought it and it may be at a higher price than the original rental amount.


The Marion Campus Bookstore offers this option - look for the books with the RENT ME sticker on them. If you are shopping on the bookstore website, many books display a RENTAL option, along with the NEW and USED options.

Questions on textbook rentals? Check out the bookstore FAQ

Many online sites also offer a rental option.



eTextbooks are also available for download and sometimes rental on many devices.


Take a look at the mentioned websites in this guide as well as the Marion Campus Bookstore eTextbook page for more information.

Online Options

Website Options

Used and new textbooks can be purchased, sold and/or rented online; be sure you check payment and delivery information carefully as well as making sure you have correct edition and all parts are with the textbooks (such as CD's, guides, workbooks, etc.).



The Marion Campus Library typically does not purchase textbooks unless specifically requested by a department.


The library does provide faculty the option to place textbooks on Closed Reserve, located in the library at the Circulation Desk. This means that a professor can bring a copy of their textbook to the library and students can borrow it for either 2 hours, 1 day, 3 days or 1 week (length is determined by the instructor).

Students can search by Course Name or Professor to see what materials, if any, are on reserve for a particular course. Not all faculty place copies of textbooks on reserve.

A current campus-issued photo ID is required to check out materials on Closed Reserve.

PLEASE NOTE: If materials are not returned on time and/or return damaged , fines will be added to your account.

Students can also  search the library catalogs for copies or earlier editions at other locations and request them to be delivered to the Library. Do not assume that you can keep them for the entire semester; fines can accrue if not returned or renewed.


For more information, visit the Marion Campus Library website:



If you don't need/want your textbooks, you may be able to sell or donate them.

  • The bookstore offers a sellback option; check it out
  • Some students post signs on campus bulletin boards offering titles for sale. Check the campus for the boards that allow you to post such notices; you may need permission to post.
  • Used book or textbook websites will also buy used textbooks. The amount you get may vary by site, so please read instructions carefully.
  • Sometimes students may loan a textbook to another student; you may just want to ask around or post a notice for the book you are seeking.
  • Sometimes students will want to donate their textbooks to the library. If it is still being used, the library may accept and put on Closed Reserve, but the Marion Campus Library typically does not add textbooks.